Bi​-​Polar Bear Apocalypse

by Desiring Dead Flesh

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Desiring Dead Flesh / Heavy J Split


released May 8, 2010

Desiring Dead Flesh is:



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Desiring Dead Flesh Bay City, Michigan

Desiring Dead Flesh is an punk band from Mid-Michigan, Started in the summer of 2000 with the intention of recapturing what it was about the punk scene that caught my attention back in the day. Desiring Dead Flesh play fast and heavy punk rock, with an energetic and fun live show while combining lyrically serious songs with humor. ... more


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Track Name: If I Stop
I'm running, running away
out of breathe gasping for air
exhausted ready to collapse
Just trying to escape with my life

If I stop, If I stop what would I find

I don't know what I'm running from
I don't know what I'm scared of
all I know is when I scared
I run and try to hide

If I stop, If I stop what would I find

It's time to stop running
it's time get moving
time to get off the couch
time to face reality

If I stop, If I stop what would I find
If I stop, If I stop can I be still
Track Name: The Final Goodbye
The seasoned old soldier at his ships loading dock
with his beautiful bride still faithfully by his side
With a wink and a smile he says love you see you real soon.
but she cries knowing something is different this time

When this ship has sailed, she knows he won't return
This time is the final goodbye
She cherishes the moment she knows he won't return
This time is the final goodbye

Nothing left to do but put together the scrap books
while remembering the days of old gone by
when she had her soldier still sitting by her side
her soul mate there to hold her when she cried

Track Name: My Drummer
My drummer rides in a booster seat
My drummer drinks from a sippy cup
My drummer can't lift his kick
My drummer can't get a job
(wait nobody in the band has a job)
My drummer rides in a boost seat
Track Name: Pat Watch Out
Pat Watch out
Vindictive ice on the porch
Buddy is laying on the floor
Gravity it stalking you
Pat Watch Out
Keys playing hide and seek
Arrows pointing back at you
Suicidal racoon
Pat Watch Out
Hammers are the enemy
Posters in the taboo room
TJ's breath is haunting you
Pat Watch Out
Kamikaze Mailbox
Track Name: Polar Bear Apocalypse
It's try we are paranoid but polar bears are everywhere
It's a dangerous world out there polar bears will hunt you down
They're plotting their next attack polar bears will get us hall
Heed the warning of this song beware of the polar bears
Start Running
Doesn't matter what it is drawer dropping on your foot tripping over your dog - Polar Bear Apocalypse. Twisted ankle on ice skates, spider bite to the face, jungle rot - its all the same Polar Bear Apocalypse
Track Name: Pain and Peace
I see so many guys who walk away and have to wonder why. Not why did they walk away but why haven't I?
Pain and Peace live inside
Pain and Peace coincide
Trying to do what is right but is it worth the fitghts
Thought I was standing up only to get beaten down
Are they freed from responsibilities? Relieved of duty and hope? Free to move on and find another noose in the rope
Our grass is getting greener because it is watered by my tears. He says keep trying and pray so I'll be here rest of my days