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Sticking It To The Van

by Desiring Dead Flesh

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The "in" crowd not thinking for themselves eating up every bit of sheeple kibble offered them by a greedy corporate hierarchy. Of course we need to be anti-This-society As the Love increases the hate does too Yin Yang Cult The Out Crowd not thinking for themselves denying anything if not from their table fueled by a look at me mentality too punk to find any good.
Blah 01:24
Each step leading to the next traveling through Parallel Universes seeking the rainbow in the shadow of the sun set colors blah blah blah - Failing the American Dream Jumping out of the boat to swim in this sea of outcasts. I'm not chasing the wind but I am enjoying the breeze We've got our family and the scene what else would we need we're living comfortably in Transcending communities
We don't fit in your scene we don't fit in your cliques We stand for what we believe so you call us dicks calling me names and telling me I'm wrong but not what is right won't change what I believe I'm not looking for a fight I'm only looking for the truth and I would like to think you are too You sing about what you love and hate so why can't we do the same If you think we are dicks for what we believe then Call Us Dicks Its not about people who disagree with me but the 'open minded' who stereotype don't say it is all about Music and unity and not allow bands with different beliefs Its not about being politically correct but standing for what you believe Go ahead leave me out of your scene If I have to hide what I believe This is not our unity song it is about standing for what you believe Even If you disagree with me sing what you believe Even if people hate you for it sing what you believe Ain't what you believe more important than another meaningless song?.
If I Stop 01:12
My Gallows 00:48
Trashart 02:20


released July 4, 2019


all rights reserved



Desiring Dead Flesh Bay City, Michigan

Desiring Dead Flesh is a fun DIY hardcore punk band from Michigan. Summer 2019 brought about change as they load up the van to live life on the road, seeing the country & playing shows.
Desiring Dead Flesh likes short, fast, energetic old school hardcore punk songs while singing about what “we love and hate” about the scene, family, faith, depression, society, with some humor thrown in.
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