The Grammar of my Suicide Note

by Desiring Dead Flesh

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Please correct the grammar on our suicide note and send us a picture of your corrections.


released September 3, 2011

DIY Recording August 2011

Bryan - Words
Pat - Bass
Adam - Drums
Tony - Guitar

*Pass the Fist was recorded live June 24th 2011 with Bryan-words, Pat - distorted bass, Adam - drums, Aaron - guitar and Spooner - clean bass.

Cover Note by Pat



all rights reserved


Desiring Dead Flesh Bay City, Michigan

Desiring Dead Flesh is an punk band from Mid-Michigan, Started in the summer of 2000 with the intention of recapturing what it was about the punk scene that caught my attention back in the day. Desiring Dead Flesh play fast and heavy punk rock, with an energetic and fun live show while combining lyrically serious songs with humor. ... more


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Track Name: Hypocrite
You don't know the war going on inside my head
if you did you too would want me dead.
Sometimes it is too painfully obvious
the heart of this man is nothing but evil

Be Glad I'm a Hypocrite

If I did everything that came into my mind
I'd murder, rape and abuse
I know I'm slowly be renewed
please pray my mind will be soon

Be Glad I'm a Hypocrite
Track Name: Decapitated
Your the kind of person who would
I poured my heart out before you and
you complained about the mess it made on the floor.

You have been decapitated

Am I just another notch in your altar post
another statistic for your next fund raiser
the love you show isn't like St John wrote
the love you show makes me feel like a john

You have been decapitated

If Christ is the head of the church, but the church has stopped following the head, they've become disconnected/decapitated.
Track Name: 21 and Life
Jumping from trend to trend discovering who you are
but claiming each and every one is the only one for life
Sometimes you remind me of Orville Redenbacher
because your dedication is as solid as instant popcorn

When you were a kid you swore forever
so what happened between 21 & Life

Your dreams have fallen so you've out grown
what you once would preach so much about
Why would you now look down on others for their beliefs
when we all know you are going to change yours again soon

When you were a kid you swore forever
so what happened between 21 & Life

I don't have a problem with kids 'trying' different things. I don't have a problem with people standing up for their beliefs. But I am a little tired of people who were really 'militant' about it as a kid only to 'out grow it' a little while later.
Track Name: Pass the Fist
You heard it said a long time ago
hit on one cheek turn the other
I'd like to say I can live that way
but I must admit I don't want to get hit

Live by the fist, die by the fist
I wish I was a Pacifist

I can't say I don't like an eye for an eye
and I won't repay in like kind
You point your finger at me
and I might bite it off *

Live by the fist, die by the fist
I wish I was a Pacifist

Please forgive me when I hurt you
and when the tables turn I'll try too
I'll try to be patient with all of you
because I know I need it too.

Live by the fist, die by the fist
I wish I was a Pacifist

Non-resistance is tough

*anybody know where I stole that from?