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We Are Not A Family Band

by Desiring Dead Flesh

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Ravyn: I spent years watching my dad and Adam leaving for shows. I love the time I spent with my mom but now I'm glad to go Adam: Hearing the songs all my life made learning to play less hard. Always ready to go when it's time to play a show Chorus: Trips to the Park include a guitar, Throwing the ball opens a pit. Bryan: I'm so proud to share the stage with both my kids. These are times we'll never forget All: But we're not the Partridges, we're not a family band. Our family is our scene.
My Mom 00:37
Without you I wouldn't be here so I thank you for that But with all the partners you have it's hard to recognize my dad Chorus: My Mom Is A Slut 4x The family is dysfunctional Even though He provided the way I wanted to know the Father But you controlled visitation days Chorus I was thirsty for living water But mud is what you offered The church is a whore But she is my mother Chorus
Joy and pride rise in my heart as we go for the long drive, so excited to share this part of what I enjoy in live. But at 17 months it is all exciting and new you love whatever it is I do with you. Chorus: Oh Oh Ohhh, A Day with Dad x4 I now realize the joy my dad must have had when he took his boy for a day with dad. And his pain too as our paths went a part, be he taught me to pursue what in my heart. Chorus I see you in the car seat fearing the possibility your choices will lead us down different paths entirely. Will you leave behind the life I share with you? Maybe, but for now I'll enjoy my time with you. Chorus
Heard it said a long time ago Hit on one cheek turn the other I'd like to say I can live that way But I must admit I don't wanna get hit Chorus: Live by the fist, die by the fist I wish I was a pacifist I can't say I don't like an eye for an eye And I won't repay in like kind You point your finger at me I might bite it off Chorus Please forgive me when I hurt you When the tables turn I'll try too I'll be patient with all of you I need it too. Chorus
If you knew the war going on inside my head You too would want me dead Sometimes it's too painfully obvious The heart of this man is nothing but evil Chorus: Be Glad I'm a Hypocrite x4 If I did everything that came into my mind I'd murder rape and abuse I know I'm being renewed Please pray my mind will be soon too Chorus
Playground 01:13
When the bully first came to the playground He was just a little boy wanting to be by himself So he started fighting those he thought were weak So he could have their space to be free They were no match for his power or deceit They were quickly pushed aside in defeat With the weak beaten and scared He was able to play alone and free Chorus: The bully and weak need to share the playground To take control of the whole playground And enjoy the freedom newly found When the old bullies came He had to fight and stand his ground When he beat the powers that be His reputation began thrive If they needed more space Just push the weak further aside Chorus With the bully in control Him and his friends had fun But the weak didn't think it was fair That the bully wouldn't share They didn't think it was fair They were allowed their space To play the games they made When they were alone and free Chorus Nine One One emergency is called The playground is shocked The bullies been shot When push came to shove Who would have thought The weak would use A gun
I don't know you, you don't know me The hair all that we see I hate you, you hate me Our scenes say that's the way to be Chorus: Mohawks and Mullets When I first came to the scene I thought we were free But now we seem as narrow minded as they use to be Chorus So I cut my Mohawk into a Mullet To show that I believe in Unity Chorus
Twelve letters on your varsity jacket Best athlete our school ever had Popular with everyone in the class Until you hung yourself Chorus: 12 letters – don't do much good 12 letters – when you give up hope 12 letters – don't do much good 12 letters – when hanging from a rope At school I heard everyone laugh When you mocked me and my beliefs And at your funeral I heard them cry After you committed suicide Chorus I guess awards and popularity Don't do much good when You've given up hope and find a noose at the end of your rope Chorus 12 letters – a suicide note
Where do we draw the line Is anybody responsible for what they do Can we kill hate rape Because we were born that way? Chorus: Born that way – I don't know I don't care Born that way – still you choose what you do Children of alcoholic and abusive parents Are more likely to drink and beat their kids But when we grow up we make our own choices Now it's our own mistakes Chorus If we can't control what we screw Then consenting adults wouldn't matter If he rapes your three year old daughter I guess he was born that way Chorus
Hijacked 00:54
After I landed Before I got off Couldn't believe it “Don't move Everybody hands up” Fear pierced my soul “God help me How can this happen I'm one of your chosen?” Justice seems lost Kicked and scared Looking like a mess Must be hell itself. Numbed with fear Opposition presses Pain and hurt feelings Quickly overwhelm me Reality I was losing Sight of help – so far Terrorized Under his wicked grip “Vindicate me When will it end? X-ray my heart, You alone are God Zealously – I will follow through it all


2 New Songs (plus 8 old songs re-recorded)


released July 8, 2015

Bryan Hampton - Words
Adam Hampton - Drums and words
Ravyn Hampton - Guitar and words

Recorded 6/24/2015


all rights reserved



Desiring Dead Flesh Bay City, Michigan

Desiring Dead Flesh is a fun DIY hardcore punk band from Michigan. Summer 2019 brought about change as they load up the van to live life on the road, seeing the country & playing shows.
Desiring Dead Flesh likes short, fast, energetic old school hardcore punk songs while singing about what “we love and hate” about the scene, family, faith, depression, society, with some humor thrown in.
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